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History of Throne of Grace

In the midst of an 18-year business career that led Louisville native Jay Roy to Atlanta and then to New Jersey, the Lord saved him and radically changed the trajectory of his life. Jay’s passion for business quickly began to wane as his passion for the Lord and His Word grew stronger. Eventually, at age 40, Jay would leave his business career to pursue theological training at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in August of 2007.


During his time in seminary, the Lord cultivated a desire to devote his life to ministering the gospel in the Northeastern Louisville community where he was raised. In August of 2011, after several years of teaching Bible studies in both individual and small group settings, Jay and his wife Liz decided to take a step towards planting a new church by holding a worship service on Sunday nights.


Through these gatherings, the Lord led four couples to commit to planting a new church in the community. The Lord provided a wonderful old church building in Prospect, KY and on September 16, 2012, Throne of Grace Community Church was born. The name was taken from Hebrews 4:16 and the vision of the new church was rooted in Acts 2:42–47. From the beginning the church was built upon: 1) a firm belief in the power of the proclamation of the Word of God, 2) a desire to see Christ exalted and his gospel proclaimed, and 3) a commitment to the importance of individual and group discipleship.


The Lord has been faithful to those who have devoted themselves to Him and to His Word, growing this body into a rich and fruitful family of God!

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